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Pharmaceutical Factory in a Box

Kemet solves drug shortages in low-resource settings with modular, prefabricated drug manufacturing facilities that can be easily transported to any part of the world.

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Drug shortages are an increasing threat to global healthcare systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this problem, particularly in Africa, which has only 400 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and imports up to 90% of its medications.

Low availability of essential meds

In most African countries, essential medicine availability is between 40% and 60% due to import reliance and fragmented supply chains.

Dire health consequences

More than 1.6 million individuals living in Africa die every year because they do not have timely and affordable access to medication.

Increasing drug shortages

Pre-pandemic, nearly 80% of Canadian pharmacists reported increasing drug shortages and the number of new drug shortages per day has since more than tripled.

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Modern Modular Medication Manufacturing

Kemet’s just-in-time manufacturing capabilities will solve many essential drug shortages in low-resource settings.

KemBox: A turn-key drug manufacturing facility that fits into a shipping container and can locally produce ‘just-in-time’ medications in short supply.

KemNet: A digital network connecting people and institutions to enable streamlined production, agile decisions, and group purchasing power.

KemMeds: Simple, small molecule medications that help to address many essential medication shortages.

Ready for the World

Kemet’s facility, the precursor to a larger drug manufacturing complex, is being piloted at the Edmonton Research Park. Units will be built in Canada for export to African countries in 2022.

Critically Diverse

Kemet is driven by a brilliant and multi-disciplined team of pharmacists, inventors, social innovators, and investors pursuing a systems-level solution to global drug shortages. As complex problems require the practice of humility in collaboration, Kemet is working with critically diverse stakeholders, allies and supporters toward profitable social impact.

Industry 4.0

Modular Medicine for All

Kemet’s industrial, chemical, and digital innovation will change the world.


Decentralized medication manufacturing that embeds a manufacturing sector in African countries.


Just-in-time manufacturing quickly adapts to fluctuating medication needs, which is crucial in a disaster/emergency situation.


Local manufacturing empowers the communities that produce the drugs by providing training and skilled employment opportunities.


Timely and affordable access to life-saving medications drastically improves health outcomes.


Decreased global supply chain reliance and a fast time-to-market decreases prices and stock outages.


First-of-its-kind prefabricated drug manufacturing facilities can be set up anywhere in the world to produce off-patent generic medications.