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Kemet Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturing Startup working to develop modular generic drug manufacturing. The company’s goal is to increase manufacturing efficiency and to increase access to life saving medications across the Southern African Development Community starting first in Botswana. A core tenet of the company is that it is built by Africans for Africans, and as such multiple skilled professionals from the African Diaspora and the Continent engage constructively and in innovative multidisciplinary collaborations, through the work of Kemet Pharmaceuticals, to remember and nurture indigenous African pharmacognosy, to develop S.T.E.A.M capacity, mobilize and marshal human and financial resources such that primary drug manufacturing is initiated, tested and scaled in Botswana then in other African countries.


Moréniké Ọláòșebìkan builds successful innovative social enterprises in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and arts sectors. She is a person of wide-ranging knowledge as a pharmacist, artist, facilitator, not-for-profit founder and retail pharmacy owner. Her particular areas of interest include the use of arts for positive social change; critical public health and the role of pharmacists and pharmaceutical business in supporting health promotion, disease prevention and disease management activities. Her significant experience in entrepreneurship, building strategic cross-sectoral partnerships and large multi-disciplinary teams has spurred the success of multiple initiatives.